Cordless vacuum lifter
Runs all day on one charge
1400 pound capacity for standard model

StoneHook image

The StoneHook™ is a cordless vacuum lifter designed to make lifting and moving stones and slabs safer, faster, and easier.
Hang it from a mini excavator, skid steer, tractor or crane, and your days of injured backs and wrestling with slings are over.

One vacuum head can be used with 6 different pads:
5” x  7”      88 pound capacity
8" x 12"     247 pound capacity
10” x 24”   660 pound capacity
10” x 35” 1100 pound capacity
12” x 35” 1400 pound capacity (standard)
18” x 35” 2200 pound capacity

Order by calling 800-639-2021.
The standard unit with 1400 pound capacity is $3400 if paid by check and $3500 if paid by credit card. Free shipping.
One year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


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